Time to Change (from mycrazysexylife.com)

So on December 30th I lost my job.

This is a long story. I was laid off/fired/whatever. I took it as an opportunity. I was super upbeat about it, everyone said so. I took it as a sign to change things. I thought it meant physical things. We had been putting off changing banks because I had direct deposit and it would mess everything up and hey, why not?

So we changed banks.

8 days later, I got a job. Not one job- two! One’s just a part time retail job, but one was an honest-to-goodness real job. I was (am) excited. It is a great shot at a good career. Then I was at home on my last day of unemployment browsing through twitter…and Sheryl Crowe posted about CSD. And now I never, ever go with celeb endorsed products. Its just not my thing. You pay for the name, not the product…

But I saw the book, and within 20 minutes, I bought the ebook. Six hours later I had read through the entire thing. My life was changing. I was going to start a new job the next day. I had waited to end one job to make a change in my life…why not take the chance? Why not really, really change my life?

So I am starting in steps.

This week:
1) No Soda
2) No dairy
3) One portion of meat per day
4) Increase water intake
5) try 80/20 for most of the day

So far its not going too bad. I was terrible tonight and had fried chicken wings at my favorite place. Normally I’d eat 10-15 alone…I ate five and felt so clogged and queasy I stopped.

But I also stopped at a year-round veggie stand and got a huge supply of veggies…and I am about to make my very first smoothie! I am searching for a good breakfast smoothie…I am going to try:
Frozen Strawberries
Cooled Green Tea
Honey to taste (for now, till I get some Agave)

I’ll let you know how it turns out!



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