Okay, so I had an Epiphany in the shower this morning. Its where I have all of my good Epiphanies.

Cheating. My husband and I decided long ago that we would eliminate this word from our marriage. There is no such thing as cheating. If he needs something, whether it is someone else, he tells me, and either I’m good with it or I’m not. It takes the thrill out of it, sure, but it also makes our life, and our marriage less stressful. I am happy & comfortable in my marriage skin.

But what about my everday skin? Whenever I have talked to my friends recently about the idea of doing CSD they always cringe when I get to the word “Diet”. Oh its a “diet”. Its a lifestyle change, really, and how do you cheat on a lifestyle?

You don’t. Just like having an open marriage is a lifestyle, having a diet is a lifestyle. And I’ve decided to remove the word “Cheating” from that lifestyle. It assumes bad and dirty things…like oooh, you CHEATED. Bad girl, go to your room. No, if I have some cheese on my salad, I didn’t cheat. I had cheese. Its not a bad thing, its just a different thing. Its not what the other person on CSD decided to do, but it isn’t wrong. Its me. And hopefully, by eliminating that idea of the dirty cheating, I will eliminate some of the temptation.

After all, we all love temptation now and again.



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